Come and join us
on Friday, June 3rd from 7-9 pm

Melissa Gail Klein & The Morning Dew

w/ Little Power Songs

The Morning Dew2.png

Melissa Gail Klein is a banjo player, flute player and singer songwriter based out of Austin, Texas. Her songs are a refreshing hit of true magic for trying times, and a fun companion for the everyday grind. When she’s not flying solo, Melissa is artfully backed by her 5-piece band The Morning Dew. The band creates moving soundscapes with riveting harmonies, and unexpected genre shifts ranging from samba, rock and bluegrass, to soul and folk.

Hailing from the west coast and the cusp of Driftwood TX, Little Power Songs are coming through to motivate the adventure of life. Inspired by love for nature and for natural ways of being, vocalist/producer Elisa Davila Crawford conjures an eclectic realm of melody and texture. The words are animated by a danceable heartbeat that lifts the spirit, moving the listener to sing along with their heart full of hope.