A healthy twist on the traditional
Alchemy tailored to your state of being 

Fusion Healing Food 

decadently tasty


low-glycemic ingredients

What is an Apothecary Restaurant? Well, an Apothecary is a place that prepares and sells compounds for

medicinal purposes. At the One Sacred Body’s Apothecary Restaurant, we are preparing and selling organic

farm-to-table apothecary food, drinks, tinctures, and more, that each contain a combination of medicinal values.

Our food is medicine!

The Apothecary Restaurant serves ceremonial food and herbs for your sacred day. Each dish includes local and worldly seasonings. Our menu offers nutrient-dense superfoods, such as Pad Thai, a Mediterranean Platter, Daily Soup & Salads, CBD edibles. You'll also find a full Elixir Bar, complete with our new line of Chinese Herbal Lattes and Frappes, as well as an open-air Oxygen Lounge. While you're visiting, browse our Wellness Boutique, which includes a hand-selected array of full-spectrum CBD Products, potent Herbal Formulas, Essential Oils, and locally crafted items to support health, wellness, and beauty. Shop online too!

“This is a pure kitchen. We don’t use any ingredients that are adulterated.
I focus on super-dense nutrition without feeling heavy.” Owner, Kadimah Levanah

Experience our beautiful breathing Bar before or after you dine

oxygen & Aromatherapy Sessions

15 Minutes $18

20 minutes $23

30 Minutes $33

Breathing Bar Menu

CBD OXygen 

CBD oxygen at $2 per minute

Includes: CBD Infused Oxygen, 15mg does of ONe Sacred Body Internal CBD Oil, extra strength dose of ONe Sacred Body CBVE Salve

Apothecary Restaurant

Comfort for your body, heart, and soul.