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Nutrient rich fusion Healing food


A healthy twist on the traditional

What is an Apothecary Restaurant? Well, an Apothecary is a place that prepares and sells compounds for medicinal purposes. At the One Sacred Body’s Apothecary Restaurant, we are preparing and selling organic farm-to-table apothecary food, drinks, tinctures, and more, that each contain a combination of medicinal values. Our food is medicine!

The Apothecary Restaurant serves ceremonial food and herbs for your sacred day.  Each dish includes local and worldly seasonings hand-picked by our Executive Chef. Our menu offers nutrient-dense superfoods, such as Pad Thai, a Mediterranean Platter, Daily Soup & Salads, CBD edibles. You'll also find a full Elixir Bar, complete with our new line of Chinese Herbal Lattes and Frappes, as well as an open-air Oxygen Lounge.

While you're visiting, browse our Wellness Boutique, which includes a hand-selected array of full-spectrum CBD Products, potent Herbal Formulas, Essential Oils, and locally crafted items to support health, wellness, and beauty.
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Fusion Healing Food 

decadently tasty


low-glycemic ingredients


oxygen at $1 per minute

5 minute minimum at bar

15 minutes in lounge

20+ minutes for altitude adjustment & jet lag

20-30 minutes recommended for maximum oxygen blood saturation



CBD Offerings

CBD salve, CBD oxygen, and CBD shot in elixir cocktail

CBD oxygen at $2 per minute
15 mg CBD to any dish $4
30 mg CBD to any dish $6

Alchemy tailored to your state of being 

Fusion Healing Food Offerings

Healthful Restaurant 

CBD Plate of the Day

High Vibe Wellness Boutique 

In house product line - One Sacred Body 

adaptogenic latte and frappe herb blends, Lithuanian Herbs

rimmers, CBD granola, dandy blend, CBD teas bottled

Herbal Remedies


CBD Oxygen

“This is a pure kitchen. We don’t use any ingredients that are adulterated.
I focus on super-dense nutrition without feeling heavy.” Owner, Kadimah Levanah

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