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Fusion Healing Sessions

A place To Relax Into Yourself

We believe deep wellness is the intersection of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We describe our deep work as: "Fusion Healing", the intersection of hands-on massage, intuitive healing modalities, and deep relaxation techniques. 

Our "Fusion Healing" packages fuse eastern and western modalities to nurture and relax the body through individualized and intuitive sessions. Through careful and detailed attention to you and your individual needs, our mission is to create a safe place for your healing and wellness to blossom. 

Fusion Healing Offerings

The One Sacred Body Spa offers many fusion healing packages individually tailored for you. Fusion healing brings clarity for your body temple and strength to your heart and Spirit, enfolding your body into deep relaxation. You can choose from massage, intuitive bodywork, shamanic healing, tarot, astrology, numerology readings, and mediumship. All packages include:

~flower essence tonic before your session for full cell hydration and to relax the nervous system

~hands-on healing; modalities intuitively blended to enhance your well-being

~recreational oxygen (96% oxygen) to relax muscles and rejuvenate

~body mandala of flowers and stones that activate your full potential for healing

~crystal-infused aromatherapy to awaken your senses

~herbal-infused cocktail from our bar to balance and integrate your session



Headache. Sinus. Allergy Relief

This is a rare opportunity to nourish the head, neck, & chest, especially the respiratory system. There is a beautiful surrender & lightness to experience when someone else holds the weight of your head. People are often caught in their heads with a lot of thoughts. This treatment stimulates the frontal lobe* (which houses the ‘director’ part of our brain) & helps us be in full presence.

We soften the scalp, activate the nervous system through the pineal gland, & work with the 3rd eye to support intuition & meditation. We also stimulate the lungs for more relaxed, full breathing, which will maximize oxygen intake to assist with altitude adjustment & overall energy. The cranial-sacral holds as well as attention to the upper body calm the mind & bring the mind & heart into more profound connection.


This is a highly beneficial treatment that brings immediate relief & vibrancy, & much deeper relaxation than the client would expect. This is a great 30-minute treatment, & it is also wonderful coupled with the hand & foot reflexology for an hour-long treatment.


* "The frontal lobes are considered our emotional control center and home to our personality... The frontal lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior... and ability to interpret feedback from the environment.”

Weary Traveler

This is a deep nourishment treatment to bring people into balance & rejuvenation, rather than an emotional-mental-spiritual healing treatment. You're still working with all the different bodies, but without necessarily talking about any issue. The healer will speak with the client & ask if there’s anything in particular that they would like to focus on. We utilize more hands-on healing (which includes scents, sounds & feathers) rather than deeper core work to calm, soothe, ground & relieve the nervous system of high tension & fatigue, & to anchor the light body into the physical body. By the end of the session, the client will feel relaxed & able to access their own inner resources for an enjoyable stay in Santa Fe.


This treatment was created because it was obvious that people, before they travel, feel stressed, often lack sleep, & are extra busy. When they arrive, the high altitude & the different frequency of Santa Fe can be overwhelming. WT is a catch-all treatment so that people can reset for their time in SF.

Honored Warrior

break through the calluses that guard your feelings. Quiet your mind-listen to your heart-unleash blocked energies. 

Belly Bless

Undigested emotion creates a contraction & stagnation that blocks the energy flow from the gut to heart. This is an opportunity to digest what has been stagnant & ignored. This may include how we are feeling about ourselves.

The belly is also where we can pick up other people's energies & thus we need to purify that area. Energetic cords to other beings often connect to us at our belly buttons. This treatment assists with the elimination of the old on all levels.

We use the mandala of stones & shells to absorb the stagnant energy & undigested emotions that are lodged in the belly in order to create a lightness, room to receive nourishment, & greater access to our instinctual knowing, or “gut feelings.” The weight of the stones on the belly also provides useful feedback about where the breath is. As the breath deepens into the belly​,​ relaxation & a sense of trust in life deepen as well. The breath signifies the essence of spirit moving through the body. Breathing into the belly allows spirit to flow freely & access core strength, as it is near the sacrum & the foundation of a person’s connection to self & the earth. This illumination inspires seeds of healing in the base of the spine to anchor the spirit’s wisdom into the body.


We create a safe space for people to be open & vulnerable. When they have reached that state, undigested pieces can literally melt underneath your touch!

Heart Connection

Our heart is our truest guide. Often when people request the Heart Connection treatment, they are misaligned with their heart, & live from a place of parental patterns, societal expectations & habitual safety.. staying in situations that are safe but not actually self-loving. This affects not only their relationship with their own self, but their relationships with others. The level of trust & connection that you feel with your emotional body is the level at which you can trust & connect with others. An open heart allows oneness consciousness to emanate throughout the body.


When the heart is open, the solar plexus, which is the power center, can expand & shine. The warmth & strength of a person’s will can be softened through the heart. Layers that may have become hardened around the heart are shed, which helps a person align with their true purpose or mission. This treatment is about finding self value & self worth.

Grief & Forgiveness

Grief is so important to grieve because otherwise it turns into depression, or into ghosts/pain-burdens that get passed onto the next generations. Martín Prechtel says that people who are particularly destructive to themselves & others are those who were as a young person so tender that they were susceptible to the ungrieved grief of the lineage (​The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief & Praise​). Undigested or ungrieved grief includes people whose deaths were not grieved sufficiently, as well as other losses & shocking events.

The people who come to the Sanctuary hold the light for their lineage. Here, the ancestors can come forward & have the opportunity to heal the lineage, past & future.

There are times when beings who haven’t crossed over come forward. There hasn’t been enough information shared about what happens in death to the American culture. When someone passes, there must be a whole resolution between the person passing & those still living in order to fully release the energetic life of the person who is no longer in a body, otherwise the living carry the too heavy burden of that person who hasn’t crossed over. That burden may make the living unable to move forward in their lives & not able to function very well. Grieving the person who has passed is part of that release.

The grief may not be related to a death, though often it is. Also, the ending of a relationship or a state of being is a kind of death. A new life choice or life change can also cause grief. Grief can be brought up by facing the loss of something that mattered to you. The trigger may even be a joyous event. There is also unexplained grief. Sometimes we have to help people discover what it is that they’re grieving, but most of the time people who choose this treatment know what they’re grieving.

Heartmoon Rhythm

The womb feeds the heart. This treatment anchors the woman in her womb, the sacred space of her womanhood. It opens up the pathways between the sacral, solar plexus & heart chakras so that the wisdom & creation energy of the womb may go forward into the world through the heart; the purification of the womb allows the heart’s knowing to be expressed.

This is another opportunity to heal the lineage. The clear connection of energy between the womb & the heart is really the ground-work for the light of the lineage to be passed forward in the seeds of creation.

We breathe into the spaciousness in the womb; there has been a lot of contraction in the womb due to violence on the planet, which causes uncertainty about whether or not it is wise to bring life into the world.

We draw down the moon to the womb & she enfolds the womb & neutralizes whatever burdens a woman may be carrying from her life & her lineage so that she can feel her seed of connection with the planet & feel her creative life force.

We prepare to birth ourselves into a new way of unfolding into creativity & joy & inspiration for ourselves & all future generations. Ancient wisdom of the cycles of life are to be reinspired, as is a love for the red tissues of the womb, for the red earth, & for the power of birth, creativity, love, sensuality, pleasure, & the juiciness of life.

New Pathways

This treatment is for people who have been emotionally, spiritually or psychologically compromised at some point in their lives, & who have tried to self-correct for that compromise in a way that is not truly filling the void. They haven’t had the context to know how to make choices that are sustainable in body, mind & spirit. Through non-judgmental nourishment, we address the dark unconscious, which holds the forgotten wound that leads to negative beliefs & destructive patterns. In this treatment, we get to the core of the wounding & trauma that is the source of a person’s unmet need, which they tried to fill through ineffective self-nourishment, or nourishment at the expense of the person’s full wellbeing. This treatment does not judge the addiction, because shame & guilt are often present with addiction, & they just block up the energy further.

The more simplistic that you can make it for somebody, the better. Recognize the core wounding— the unmet need that they are trying to fill through active addiction. This mental understanding can balance out the overwhelm of the emotional body.

The addiction’s potency is exponentiated by its presence in the family or ancestral lineage. Addressing this assists with taking the pressure off the individual, while also inviting ancestors to come forward to help heal the lineage.

We find the entryway where someone started an addiction because they weren’t getting what they needed. That’s called a power void. A power void is a place where trauma has occurred & that creates a space where a part of one’s self is not present due to the trauma. Accidents, illness, injury & addictive patterns can enter through the power void. Healers often see or feel where that is.

Have the client spend a lot of time with the spiritual intake form for this treatment. It’s important to have as much information as possible about their history. This session needs an hour.

Intuitive Readings 

you are the guide of your destiny. Allow your hearts true desires and wisdom to become known with images and messages that prompt clarity of your unfolding path. Strengthen the connection with your guides. Have your questions answered. Your vision is your path made real. (choose from numerology, astrology, tarot card readings, mediumship)

Hand & Foot Reflexology

melts away tension in your hands and feet and relax your whole body into bliss.

Chair Massage

head, neck and shoulder muscular tension relief

Full-Body Massage

an exquisite experience created to relax and rejuvenate your body. Tailored for your specific needs. 


temple infusion ™
two to four healers will provide an amplified healing experience. feel empowered to bring out your unique purpose and gifts in the world while being supported by the love and appreciation of our healing community 

couples blessing or family balance ™

The Couple’s Blessing allows a sacred space for couples to journey into the realms of their relationship that they would like to become aware of & strengthen. It allows for those in relationship to evolve into a more true connection with themselves & each other. They may also disperse negative patterns that they are reflecting on each other.

People get stuck in the pain of what they’ve been carrying individually. When they come together, the pain can be exponentiated. It’s very difficult for a couple when they’ve been stuck in the pain of a reflection; it can be difficult for them to see that this is a gift that they’re bringing to each other.


This session is an opportunity to create a space of non-reactivity & unconditional love as a couple observes the patterns in one another. It seems it’s always the patterns that one sees in another are the patterns that are going on in one’s self.

This session offers a container of nourishment in which to observe patterns that have been triggered by each other. A lot of times each member of the couple is embodying the mother/father relationship (s)he grew up with. The patterns are presenting so that they can be released, so that the couple can have a real connection to each other that is more fulfilling & satisfying than what they experienced as children.


The goal is to cross this threshold from the experience of the parental relationship into creating the truest heart’s desire for a relationship with effective communication & unconditional love— to be able to witness their partner with the true eyes of their heart. When the old relationship paradigms are released, a new door of true honor & devotion can be opened & walked through.

Find out more about our speciality therapists trained in a variety of modalities and choose who fits you needs.

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