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Wed, Oct 16


Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar

Mystical Singing Circle by Tikal

All Ages We go deeper through the voice, delve into meaningful discussions about reality and its gifts.

Time & Location

Oct 16, 2019, 8:30 PM

Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar, Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar - SANCTUARY, 102 W San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA

About the event

We go deeper through the voice, delve into meaningful discussions about reality and its gifts. Anyone feeling challenged by singing there is nothing like this in the conventional. This circle is not a singing lesson either nor will it put any spotlights on anyone, the way the circle is designed in based on tribal circles and meditation practices, setting the stage for introspection and respect.

Passing through your town, for our very own intuitive sound healing paradigm shifting circle. The circle emphasizes on exploring the voice, as a powerful instrument of sovereignty and as a way to getting to know the self, to honoring one's body. This is a well of creative expression which taps into the powerful language of the soul. Listen to the inner teachings (intuition) of your Self. This is the last for the year 2019 in Melbourne.

For those that like bulletpoints. This circle is designed to allow for:

• mystical and emotional investigation 

• to remember an aspect of tribal connection

• to clearly see, understand the power of our minds and to be honest about our beliefs

• understanding the programs running our behaviours

• to practice mind gardening which shifts our dialogue with the universe

• remembering our true voice

• permission to be musical

• embracing your soul song

• speaking more freely

• engaging in right relationship with self and therefor others

We will practice mantric meditation aspects and musical freeflow.

We will explore the super responsive dimensions of our amazing self and experience deep contemplation in harmony of emotional intelligence. Together we engage in entirely improvised group songscapes that summon interconnectedness and collaboration! We come together in right relationship with the subconscious, the self and with what we call the "other". This is one of the strongest medicines you could ever claim back.

~~Everyone is welcome, singer or not, musician or not ! For all genders.

~~Don't miss the introspections and warmups at the start don't be late, come at least 15 min early!

This is a deep contemplation using the simple and yet powerful tool of the Voice, the Mind and the Heart to let the soul shine so there is absolutely no pressure in sharing your voice when you don't feel to during the experience. The gift of engaged silence is profound. 

No previous experience in singing or musical background required.


Tikal is a deep thinker, an artist, tribal and ritual music intuitive, shamanistic and meditation practitioner. In this circle she is inviting you to be curious, to contemplate, to wonder and to explore the powers of the mind, the gift of self sovereignty through the sublime instrument that is your voice. She engages in discussions that offer paradigm shifting worldviews for a better relationship with the self and therefore Life. Through her explorations in mysticism, ancient spiritual practices and tribal music, she will help guide everyone to their authentic self and natural gift, while exampling what can come out of practicing the arts of magick and incantation. More information on

An inspiring young artist and mystique who's vision is aligned with the mystery school's "know thyself" precept and who's passion is in tribal music, Tikal leads groups with fierce loving and deep understanding. With Ecstatic Voice (Sovereign Voice gatherings and for Liberated Intuitive Voice groups) where she offers life changing empowering circles grounded on the spirit of community, and on the basis of soulful listening she will guide you into intuitive music making. Taught by celestial ancestors of Persia, Mongolia and Tibet, India, and Java - and mostly self taught, she is now delivering an experiential form of teaching forged in Fire flame and molded in icy Waters after a sequence of initiatory events. 

Tikal was raised in Java, an is-land of mystical spirit music in the notorious Ring of Fire islands. She further developed her journey in Bali, another island populated by Javanese king & warrior descendants who kept the intricate rituals alive after the Islamic conquest -to this day the descendants are honoring their ancestry through ceremonies, public dialogue with spirits and other-worldly beings on every daily occasion. In 2007, Tikal ventured to meet with the vine spirit in Peru whom exampled the application of the ancient codes of sound through visions, but also through the medicine men & women's vocal instrument (the primary medium of expression, she later found to be the primordial emotive communication "device"). Initiated into the Whale totem, carrier of ancient sounds in 2014 by White Star, medicine woman and medium of Cherokee and Pawnee immediate descent, she has honored the profound medicine of the e-motions (energy in motion). Later on between 2016 and 2017, initiated into the journey of Bana Kuma (sacred alterBana Kuma (sacred altering) and recovering from a profoundly cathartic embrace with depression and soul level grief, she led herself and still is -with the guidance of her ancestors, kins and mentors to forge the aforementioned vocation and exampleship in the Sovereign Voice circles helping the human being to recover its true voice (and vocation), remember their sovereignty (and personal power), engage in right relationship with their Self & Community (face emotions and inner voices with grace, responsibility to empower authentic communication and transparency), and therefore act forevermore accordingly.

Tikal also weaves powerful singing with improvised poetry in Indonesian and French in a trio band "DMTFM" based in Byron and Bali. Listen to their music on

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