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fusion healing

Kadimah Levanah mediumship and energy services
healing energy and massage at One Sacred Body Spa Santa Fe

A hand crafted, individually blended alchemy of nourishments to inspire your spirit,

create peace in your heart, and balance your mind & body

A personally guided experience, your fusion healing includes:

  • flower essence tonic before your session for full cell hydration and to relax the nervous system

  • hands-on healing; modalities intuitively blended to enhance your well-being

  • recreational oxygen (96% oxygen) to relax muscles and rejuvenate

  • body mandala of flowers and stones that activate your full potential for healing

  • crystal-infused aromatherapy to awaken your senses

  • herbal-infused cocktail from our bar to balance and integrate your session

30 minute package $108

45 minute package $138

60 minute package $168

90 minute package $228

CBD package upgrade $30 includes: CBD salve, CBD oxygen, and CBD gummy or hemp flowers in tea



Receive an exquisite massage experience created to relax, balance, and nourish your body and nervous system.

Custom tailored for specific needs. *minimum 60mins


Meridian Hand & Foot Massage ™

Intuitive attention to the organ meridians in your hands and feet to nourish your system and melt away tension and relax your whole body into bliss.

Weary Traveler ™

Hydrate, oxygenate and jump start your vacation. Designed to help you adjust to high desert altitude and the many symptoms associated with travel lag. Fusion Healing focus on what brings you to physical nourishment and emotional balance.


Headache Allergy Sinus Relief ™

Melt away held tension and reactions to your environment. Fusion Healing with scalp and sinus massage, cranial sacral, crown and heart chakra focus. Immediate, effective, lasting relief!


Belly Bless ™

Improve your digestion, relax, and soften your belly to access and release your emotions more easily. Fusion Healing belly massage and energy work with guided imagery to release undigested emotions and provide stomach ache relief. Access your gut instinct as your belly is nourished and chakra balanced.


Heart Connection ™

Experience your worthiness to know and feel exceptional. be true and clear with yourself and create a solid foundation that will attract honor, regard and authenticity to all of your relationships. Fusion Healing includes heart meridian points and nourishing belly massage for accessing peace and joy.


Honored Warrior ™

Ceremony to honor your path and presence to this moment in time. You are witnessed for all you are and have gifted in your earth walk. quiet your mind and access unconditional love for yourself that guides you to a fulfilling life. Break thru the calluses that guard your feelings and unleash blocked energies.

Grief and Forgiveness ™

Sacred space held for you to acknowledge the deep sadness held within you. From losses to disappointments, your feelings of grief are witnessed and released. Through powerful techniques, you can experience an awakened compassion for yourself and others. Feel set free. Fusion healing for energy center balancing and trauma associated with grief experiences. Mediumship available for communication with Loved ones who have birthed to spirit.

Heartmoon Rhythm ™

Know and heighten your intuition and nourish your goddess. Awaken to your heart’s wisdom as it harmonizes with your womb creation space. Align with the rhythm of your heartbeat and your womb and the moon  as you are initiated into your sacred self. Fusion Healing for your body temple to be nourished while activating your connection to creation source energy and the water elements.

New Pathways ™

A beautiful ceremony to come to full presence. Rewire your nervous system through Fusion Healing modalities for alchemizing your pain, acknowledging numbness, and access seed visions for your unfolding path.

Temple Infusion ™

We can accumulate energies from the interpretation of life experiences and our family of origin. Your rebirthday is celebrated as we infuse your body with light and pure love from your starseed family and your golden light from creation source energy activates your spirit DNA and anchors your light body in your body temple. Your true essence is felt.  Feel empowered to bring out your unique purpose and gifts in the world while being supported and nourished emotionally, physically spiritually, and etherically.


a ceremony created for your hearts deepest desires by one who empowers you to know your deepest wisdom. tribal instruments to relax and open you to receive guidance and align you with your golden heart. emanations of truth for your earth walk. high wisdom to integrate into your being strengthening your decisions, intuition and heart to direct your life. find clarity in your body's wisdom receive practical everyday guidance through connection to elements earth, air, fire & water. *individually priced

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