Research Reliquary

A 24 hour Pop-Up Art Installation

- by Jordan Walker

Opening Artist Talk is at

Sunset on Sunday, April 24th.

Participatory Closing is at

Sunset on Monday, April 25th

Come on down to our

Living Altar

at One Sacred Body Spa

and Oxygen Bar

137 W. San Francisco Street

Admission is Free

Everyday Altaration

A Participatory Exploration Through the Formative Elements of Space and the Warm Embrace of Honey Time

Continuing to develop through the conference, Jordan will curate the installation of an art altar as a forecasting in advance, a presencing practice during, and an archive record after Sophia Rising.  Jordan engages in a practice of "Goethean Poetry," taking notes of what is said and what happens and then distilling them into woven pieces that remember the whole from the sum of their parts.


Jordan Walker

is a multimedia artist and independent educational consultant.  He has worked across a wide array of anthroposophical initiatives and been involved in many creative projects including the social sculpture experiments, the new forms project, Life as Laboratory, and Wisdon Working.   He currently helps organize and facilitate the Anthroposophical Society's Applied Anthroposophy online Course, and the Worlk Social Initiative Froum's Leadership in Transformation program.  He lives in Philmont, NY.