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This exquisitely hand-crafted & luxurious balm is a house special. Made with nourishing

qualities to soothe areas of discomfort.  Supremely charged with a blend of organic, wild-crafted & blessed herbs of willow, yarrow, arnica, lavender, marshmallow & artemisia infused in organic extra-virgin olive oil.  We use only whole-spectrum organic CBD from a local Colorado-grown hemp farm. Our salve is gently blended with local beeswax as well as Hawaiian Sanctuary beeswax & is amplified with the exceptional Oil of Silver.  



Yarrow ~ astringent & antiseptic

Aids in the healing of wounds & bruises claimed ‘the wounded warrior/healer remedy’. Great for burns & reducing pain & heat.  Stalks have been used for divination for thousands of years.


Willow ~ analgesic & anti-inflammatory
Reduces swelling & benefits arthritis by reducing muscle and joint pain.


Arnica ~ anti-inflammatory, vulnerary

Not for internal use except in homeopathic form. 

One of the best remedies for external local healing of bruises and sprains. It helps with rheumatic pain. It can be used anywhere there is pain or inflammation on the skin as long as the skin is not broken.


Lavender ~ anti-spasmodic, antidepressant & rubefacient

It helps ease aches and pains & is extremely soothing for the body & soul.


Marshmallow ~  demulcent, emollient & vulnerary

Very soothing and cooling by nature; can be used on any part of the body both internally and externally.


Artemisia ~ analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant & astringent

A special herb that helps with healing as well as protection and supporting the dream-time. Yarrow, willow, lavender & artemisia also have a special affinity to the cool feminine qualities of the moon holding divinity in balance and utilizing a protective embrace.


Oil of Silver ~ antiseptic & antibacterial

Supercharges your immune system. Silver can actually kill over 650 bacteria, fungi, parasites, molds that have the potential to sprout diseases with no known side effects. Topically silver helps heal the skin, cellular repair resulting in dramatic healing of damaged tissues;  also helps with headaches, Deeply associated with the planetary energies of the moon as well as the brow chakra considered to be where the spiritually realized individual is located

One Sacred Body Silver Moon Salve

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