A place to relax into yourself.

The Fusion Healing Sanctuary, a place for you to relax into yourself”, is nooked upstairs in a quiet, tree-house like environment. The Fusion Healing Sanctuary is our Oxygen Lounge, Healing Spa, and Elixir Bar. Our team of experienced healer therapists facilitates an intrinsic sense of well being and healing that is uniquely presented with our Fusion Healing Menu. We guide you through an individually tailored experience whether you choose to sip on an exquisite Elixir designed for optimal nourishment or have an intuitively guided healing session, complete with

massage, energy work, and two elixir drinks from our bar.

We believe deep wellness is the intersection of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We describe our deep work as: "Fusion Healing", the intersection of hands-on massage, intuitive healing modalities, and deep relaxation techniques. 

Our "Fusion Healing" packages fuse eastern and western modalities to nurture and relax the body through individualized and intuitive sessions. Through careful and detailed attention to you and your individual needs, our mission is to create a safe place for your healing and wellness to blossom. 


oxygen at $1 per minute

5 minute minimum at bar

15 minutes in lounge

20+ minutes for altitude adjustment & jet lag

20-30 minutes recommended for maximum oxygen blood saturation




Healing Packages

healing packages include:

hands on healing, oxygen, balancing flower essence tonic, body

mandala with flowers and stones, and an infusion cocktail


30 minute package $77

45 minute package $107

60 minute package $137

90 minute package $197




CBD Offerings

CBD oxygen at $2 per minute

CBD package upgrade $30 includes:

CBD salve, CBD oxygen, and CBD shot in elixir cocktail

At the Fusion Healing Sanctuary, we believe deep wellness is the intersection of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. To provide a space for deep healing through a variety of healing modalities, herbal elixir drinks, and high vibe wellness products. 

Fusion Healing Offerings

A hand crafted, individually blended alchemy of nourishments to inspire your heart and create balance of mind, body, and spirit. Your fusion healing includes:

~flower essence tonic before your session for full cell hydration and to relax the nervous system

~hands-on healing; modalities intuitively blended to enhance your well-being

~recreational oxygen (96% oxygen) to relax muscles and rejuvenate

~body mandala of flowers and stones that activate your full potential for healing

~crystal-infused aromatherapy to awaken your senses

~herbal-infused cocktail from our bar to balance and integrate your session



Headache. Sinus. Allergy Relief

melt away your tension and release reactions you have to your environment. Immediate, effective, lasting relief!

Weary Traveler

sit back, relax, and breathe deep. Hydrate, oxygenate and jump start your vacation. Designed to help you adjust to high desert altitude and the many symptoms associated with travel lag

Honored Warrior

break through the calluses that guard your feelings. Quiet your mind-listen to your heart-unleash blocked energies. 

Belly Bless

improve your digestion, relax, and soften your belly to access and release your emotions more easily. Stomach ache relief.

Heart Connection

experience your worthiness to know and feel exceptional. Be true and clear with yourself and create a solid foundation that will attract honor, regard and authenticity to all of your relationships.

Grief & Forgiveness

acknowledge the deep sadness being held within you. From losses to disappointment, let your feelings of grief be heard and released. Through powerful techniques, you will have an awakened compassion for yourself and others. Feel set free.

Heartmoon Rhythm

know and heighten your intuition and nourish your goddess. Awaken to your heart’s wisdom as it harmonizes with your womb creation space. Align with the rhythm of your heartbeat and the moon as you are initiated into your sacred self.

New Pathways

let go of old trauma that makes you feel numb. Release addictions that have been masking the pain. Set yourself free of the burdens of trauma and addiction.

Intuitive Readings 

you are the guide of your destiny. Allow your hearts true desires and wisdom to become known with images and messages that prompt clarity of your unfolding path. Strengthen the connection with your guides. Have your questions answered. Your vision is your path made real. (choose from numerology, astrology, tarot card readings, mediumship)

Hand & Foot Reflexology

melts away tension in your hands and feet and relax your whole body into bliss.

Chair Massage

head, neck and shoulder muscular tension relief

Full-Body Massage

an exquisite experience created to relax and rejuvenate your body. Tailored for your specific needs. 


temple infusion ™
two to four healers will provide an amplified healing experience. feel empowered to bring out your unique purpose and gifts in the world while being supported by the love and appreciation of our healing community 

couples blessing or family balance ™

honor the journey of your relationship or family with a beautiful ceremony. release limiting lineage patterns and receive beneficial ancestral support. deepen your connection to celebrate and appreciate one another fully. (initial consult available)

Find out more about our speciality therapists trained in a variety of modalities and choose who fits you needs.

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