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Medicinal Botanical Illustrations with Meditative Music-Saturday: 7PM-9PM

Saturday March 11th, 2017 at 7 PM - 9 pm

Apothecary Street Level Location

133 West San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501-2111, United States

Come stop by the street level location of the Oxygen and Healing Bar and... Open SENSES and raise AWARENESS about nature’s bountiful MEDICINE! This botanical art exhibition will include an interactive way to get to know the plants. Displayed are my original botanical watercolors along with samples of extracts, teas, and external applications of each herb, and reading material such as interesting medicinal information, and recipes! Plant samples are also available. One will get to feel and learn about the plants on many different levels. Lyndsey McAdams will provide meditative music with a twist of ethereal, mystical and ancient sounds About the Artist As an artist and Western herbalist, Amy Glasser has been able to fuse her passions to create her own brand of nature-based products. Using her artistic skills, botanical knowledge, and a keen sense of design, she’s able to create functional works of art, herbal health aids, and educational tools.

While taking an herbal studies course at the Dandelion Herbal Center in Humboldt County, CA in 2012, Amy was inspired to paint a collection of watercolors of local medicinal plants. She wanted to create something educational and visual to aid others as well as her own herbal training. She has printed sets of artful flashcards and greeting cards with images of the plants on the front along with the medicinal information and recipes of how to use them on the back. Amy comments, “The process of creating these cards was quite rewarding. While spending quality time with the living plants as I painted them, I got the chance to know them intimately on a physical and energetic level. After each painting I felt clarity between the plant and myself, like I had had a deep conversation with each one.

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