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Kadimah Levanah

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  • Feb 8, 2018, Awarded Santa Fe SDBC (Small Business Development Center) Star Business Award of the Year

  • Oct 29, 2017, Opened Basement-Level Location - KAVERNS [Hosting dance/music events, yoga/pilates classes]

  • July 25, 2017, SF Reporter Best of Santa Fe Winner: 1st place "Alternative Healing", 3rd place "Spa"

  • Jun 27, 2017, Santa Fe New Mexican: Downtown oxygen bar offers more than elevation antidote

  • Jan 1, 2017, Opened Street-Level Location - APOTHECARY [Serving Superfood, Exilirs, and High Vibe Boutique]

  • July 2016 SF Reporter Best of Santa Fe Winner: 2nd place "Alternative Healing," 3rd place "Massage"

  • June 2016 Nominated for SF Reporter's "Best of Santa Fe 2016"

  • March Spring Special, $5 off any treatment, until closing on March 31, 2016

  • March 2016 Opening of New Healing Treatment Space

  • February 2016 Introducing VitaJuwel gem water bottles

  • February 2016 Now offering Twin Spring water from Manitou Springs, CO

  • July 29, 2015 SF Reporter Best of Santa Fe winner: 2nd place "Best Hands-on Healing"

  • June 2015 Nominated SF Reporter's "Best of Santa Fe"

  • July 2015 SF Reporter's "Pick of the Week"

  • June 2016 Nominated for SF Reporter's "Best of Santa Fe 2015"

Online Reviews

Featured Testimonials

Dave Yedid

in the last week

The oxygen, healing treatments

I have never believed more fully in a business than this one. Mya, Noah, Kadimah, Miriam and the entire Kass family. They have grown this place from the ground up, with very little money and tons of devotion and love and passion. It has flourished in the most beautiful ways, and they have brought healing to tourists and locals alike
.and massage are all incredible.

"My two-hour session with Kadima was amazing. Her combination of efforts took me to a very relaxed state quickly, and got my energies aligned and flowing smoothly again. My “scattered” feeling disappeared and now I’m back to my normal self. It was a powerful treatment and I’m looking forward to my next one with Kadima. Again, many thanks."
~John M., Desert Hot Springs, CA

"Here is what is truly amazing about Kadima’s healing: self-sabotaging thinking and behaviors melt away; there is no ‘efforting’ involved
.Forty eight hours after my first session with Kadima, I knew my life had changed forever. The ‘not enough/ not good enough’ thoughts that infected every aspect of my world, large and small, disappeared. Everything feels like enough now: enough money, enough time, being good enough at what I do. More clarity, more focus, a stronger voice and a deeper sense of life purpose came with three subsequent sessions. Most recently, my husband and I met with Kadima and in one short afternoon she helped us attain the level of intimacy we had struggled for since we first married 12 years ago. On top of all that, my heart has opened to the wider world, I have a much deeper sense we are all one family. Needless to say, I am grateful to Kadima beyond measure."

"Kadima is a gifted healer. She draws from a variety of modalities and from her own life experience and creates a safe, sacred space grounded in presence and compassion in order to bring her gifts to her clients. Her work is unique, indescribable, inspired, inspiring and deeply transformative."

"I have been to many different types of doctors and healers. I can say, without hesitation, that my sessions with Kadima have been the most powerful. Her intuition is always on target and her ability to incorporate her insights into practical advice about my bodily and spiritual health is unsurpassed. I highly recommend anyone to go see her, as her work helps on many levels. It is also beneficial even as preventative measures when nothing is seemingly wrong with a patient."
-Zoe, Santa Fe New Mexico

"I went to Kadima's
casitaforrelief of sinus pain and congestion. The session with Kadima relaxed my entire body. Afterwards, the pressure in my ears, eyes, and face had vanished. I was breathing free and felt, surprisingly, energized."
- Joan, Santa Fe

"We tried conventional methods of addressing our beloved dog’s urinary tract infection. $700 later, no resolution. Then Kadima not only suggested a diet alternative, she fed our dog for ten days while we were out of town, to make sure she was taken care of and cured. Now that is above and beyond healing!"
-Ken Hughes

"Kadima is a healer. I have worked with Kidima one on one and also via the telephone. I am amazed at Kadima’s skill at identifying, working and moving energy blocks. Kadima has helped me work on the most important parts of life, to enable shift and transition to move on and be the best person that I can be."
-Julie Harper

"I had a great experience with Kadima. She was adept at creating a safe space where I could allow new thoughts and feelings to emerge. In my session with her, I felt a great freedom to settle more deeply
intomylife, and to reflect on some of my patterns that go back to my childhood. She has many tools to work with, but her main tool was her compassionate non-judgmental presence." 
-Ewen Harrison

"Kadima has the uncanny ability to zero in on the core issues that were keeping me repeating my unhealthy relationship patterns. She helped me move through and heal these patterns and come to a place of understanding and peace. The process was effortless, unlike years of talk therapy that showed little progress. I now feel more open to true love, and feel a deeper sense of inner well being.
I am now in a better place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now, when something in my life doesn’t support my well being, I can recognize it and attend to it, rather than have destructive patterns take over and engage. I have a new sense of empowerment – something that has helped me navigate my relationships with friends,
coworkers, with more ease, coming from a place of love and acceptance. This shift has happened organically as a result of my inner work with Kadima, which means, it’s not something that I have to think about or work on, it’s just something that happens naturally. My words and my behaviors reflect this deep sense of empowerment. I believe this sense of empowerment and well being is our natural state. It is our birthright. All of our unhealthy patterns work toward regaining this natural state. I was repeating the unhealthy cycles unconsciously and was getting frustrated with not being able to do things differently. I am so grateful that Kadima has helped me release this pattern and heal from deep within."

"I have been working with Kadima for several months, and have experienced healing on multiple levels- both during and between sessions. While in Kadima's loving care, I have been blessed to experience intuitively co-created ceremony, resulting in relaxation, revelation, and retrieval of fragmented pieces of self and psyche. Between sessions, I have experienced more peace, presence, and empowerment.
Through the process of Kadima's work, which seems to blend science, Shamanism, and the power of Intention and Intuition, I have found strength in areas of my life where I had previously experienced powerlessness. I highly recommend working with Kadima to anyone who is interested in increasing their creativity, empowerment, and self-awareness!"
-Aimee Thompson



Kelsea, Brattleboro,

VT "I had such a wonderful healing session here while I was visiting last summer. Very transformative, unique, warm. I can't wait to visit again."


Patrick, Chicago, IL

"While traipsing down the street a block from the plaza with a friend, I saw a sign for a free honey tasting. I went up the stairs to find one of Santa Fe's hidden gems. Santa Fe has a rich history of the healing arts and alternative health, and this awesome place captures it well. It's a great place to just unwind and reset . . . just hanging out is great feeling even if you don't opt for one of their treatments.  But they have much more than treatments and cool stuff for sale, they also have amazing specialty teas and elixirs at their bar. I tried the Kuthumi Ginger Zing. . . it looks like a martini from the Deep Space Nine bar. . . very colorful and insanely tangy. I definitely recommend stopping in for a few minutes to check out this great insight into the 'other Santa Fe'."



Allison, Brookeville, MD

"My first stop in Santa Fe after a long day of travel. I am sensitive to altitude and oxygen seems to help. I don't know if it's hocus pocus, but I enjoy the relaxation. This trip I got a 45-minute weary traveler package. Now I'm recharged and ready to roll!"


Lars, La Canada Flintridge, CA"I found this place by accident. I was leaving one establishment walked down the street and saw an open sign on the second floor of another establishment. It was 11 pm, and the only places open in the Historic Quarter are bars or variants of bars.  This place was literally a breath of fresh air. The owner and her staff were extremely polite and took the time to go over their menu and treatments. What really impressed me are the health-infused cocktails, alternative remedies, and other items. Typically I shun these types of places as they are usually run by complete scoundrels preying upon peoples insecurities or pressing health issues. However I found this place to be the complete opposite."


Stavo, NM

"Santa Fe is well-known for its WOO-WOO creative crystal-waving population - but our local woo-woo is often so real & effective, it becomes a major WHO-YOU experience. I spent the afternoon at such a place, offering a combination of energy-shifting reiki, cranial-sacral massage, aroma-flavored oxygen treatment, flower mandala & crystal arrangements along energy meridians.. followed by a flower-essence spritz and herbal-infused 'cocktails' with properties related to the treatment. 

Verdict: unique & charming; these are very effective healers, having now gone for an additional session ~ and an 'only in Santa Fe' level experience for any visitor to The City Different. If you are used to more traditional forms of massage & energy well-being, be open minded to new experiences & give this place a try . . it's pretty awesome."



"What a lovely and relaxing place. Staff was wonderful. Really enjoyed. Thank you!"

6/28/2015 "Knowledgable staff, the team was very pleasant. The products worked as suggested. Thank you!!



Aviana, Las Vegas, NV "This is the most beautiful and thoughtful oxygen bar and healing place I have ever been to! My treatment was so relaxing and rejuvenating. I felt really special here!"


"I cannot thank you enough, Kadima. Your loving, great energy has connected me with the earth and my soul again. The atmosphere is beautiful. Much love, peace, and light." ~ Nichole


"From arrival to departure, the staff was inviting, polite and attentive The feng shui of the atmosphere was soothing and decorative with much to see and absorb the mind . . . The tonability and content of the words during mere conversation was needed medicine to help ease worries, cares and concerns . . . I really felt as if I belong there . . . and calm (even though we stumbled upon the hidden secret and ascending stairs). Although I've followed guided meditation (using recorded audio), I've never experienced guided meditation in person accompanied by healing touch. Thank you, Mya. It was a pleasure to experience the complete experience: ambiance, conversation, libations and wisdom. We even enjoyed the music of rain during our stay. Simply "thank you and Namaste." :c  Kadimah, it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for sharing your visions and dreams in the form of the Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar."


Michael Odza

"Very caring family (mostly) staff, variety of therapeutic choices, starting with oxygen, of course, but essential oils, healing (and delicious!) drinks, etc."



"Thanks for a relaxing experience!"

~ Arnold & Roxanne Cardenas, Illinois


"Noah is great at his work. Very calm and soothing."


Morgan, Minneapolis, MN

A necessity for altitude sickness ~ "My second day in Santa Fe, severe altitude sickness set in and the dizziness left me pretty much useless, despite drinking literally gallons of water. I decided to try the Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar. So grateful I did! They recommend I take the headache treatment, despite not having a headache. This treatment absolutely saved me! A brief neck and shoulder massage, an energy drink, and an hour of 99% oxygen infused with aroma therapy plus some intuitive healing and nurturing. What a God-send! Highly recommend for anyone suffering from altitude sickness or any other ailment - it even helped my allergies and left me reinvigorated to take on the town for the next four days. They also have other interesting cultural and music events in the evening - open mic, readings and lectures, etc. well worth the visit and an absolute must for altitude sickness."


Maven, Santa Fe, NM

Relaxing and Beautiful Environment ~ "A mix between a bohemian tea shop, the aromatherapy section in a health food store and a mystical 20-something's attractive loft, this is a great place to go with friends for a unique Santa Fe experience. They have health drinks, massage and energy work treatments, and a lounge area where you can get oxygen and aromatherapy. I enjoy the artwork and the comfortable, intimate vibe. I took my out-of-town friends here for a calming afternoon break between brunches and galleries and spas.
They loved it."


Diane, Austin, TX

"Totally casual and relaxing. We walked in off the street and I opted for the minimum-recommended 20-minute oxygen treatment for $20 to ease my altitude sickness. I would totally do it again. I left feeling relaxed through my whole body and like all of my air passages finally had received enough oxygen. Also, very nice employees. I recommend it."


"Hidden yoginni hut filled with gifted healers definitely NOT just a juice bar and a chair massage people need this place like they need OXYGEN!!!!"


"Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. You really helped me w my altitude sickness. Namaste."



You saved my vacation When I came to Santa Fe, I got altitude sickness I had to be wheel
Timeliness, Offerings, Customer Service, Quality
chaired in order to leave the Alburque airport I was referred and after a 60 min treatment I was fine. I had a fantastic vacation walking and dancing.


"This was my first Reiki experience. Noah explained things well and was an all around great person! I am happy to have met him."


Michael Odza ~ "Experienced practitioner administers for altitude sickness, headaches, sinus problem, etc. Relexology, herbal drinks too.


"We had a beautiful time. It was a very special experience for us."


Brian, Southeast Austin, TX "Stopped in to try out an oxygen session and found a lot more. I was in town for a few days and was interested in all the spas and massage being advertised in Santa Fe. If you are looking for a full energetic restoration and recharge, this is the place. I highly recommend one of the "healing sessions" offered, coupled with the oxygen treatment.   After wandering upstairs to the reception area, I was immediately welcomed and felt very comfortable with the open space.  The healing sessions are done out in the open, clothed and very casual. For me, I was fortunate to be paired up with Austin and opted for a second session with Noah and Austin. These two guys are very humble and gifted healers.  There is no ego here, just good feelings and healing energy if you are ready and open to receive it. The session was a great combo of light massage, reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, chakra cleansing/balancing and visualization. A wonderful experience that I highly recommend.  Relaxing, energizing, balancing and recharging all in one session. Stop in and see for yourself.  These guys are on the cutting edge of intuitive healing and energetic bodywork.


Jeff, Ashland, OH "Kademah greeted us at the street and instantly sensed that my wife needed her help. We agreed to try the oxygen, with a foot massage for me, and a shoulder and neck tension reliever for my wife. Without being specific about the treatment that was given, I must say that the results were fantastic!! Their ability to "listen" to your body is amazing. Her associate, Austin, was very thorough and found other spots in my body that needed attention, just by being in tune with my body.  Great therapy!! Be open to trying new experiences."

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