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You are the guide of your destiny. Allow your heart’s true desires and wisdom to become known with images and messages that prompt clarity of your unfolding path. strengthen the connection with your guides. Have your questions answered. Your vision is your path made real.  Reading packages include a flower essence, oxygen, and an herbal infusion elixir or tea.

Group readings and rates available upon request.

30 min reading package $90                        60 min reading package $180                      90 min reading package $270


  • tarot and oracle cards - general spread or specific questions answered through intuitive interpretation of tarot cards

  • numerology - individual, couple or group readings on numerology of birth and significant dates

  • astrology - provide your birthdate to receive in-depth insight into your astrological chart and current transits

  • intuitive - guidance from the angelic realm $300/hour with Kadimah

  • mediumship - channeling to connect with loved ones who have passed away $300/hour with Kadimah


Astrology is based on the contributions of many many people overtime including, Pythagoras, Ptolemy, Galileo, Kepler, Plato, Aristotle, Nostradamus, and the “father of modern astrology” Allan Leo. In early times, astronomy and astrology were in fact one in the same as the heavens were seen as inseparable from reality on Earth. This truth is one that has been largely forgotten with the much more recent generation of astronomers led by Isaac Newton (who actually learned his astronomy from astrologically-based texts.) But the ancients knew what modern Astrology teaches us today: That the Universe speaks in symbols. Astrology goes very, very deep into the themes of our lives and provides an extremely profound and accurate picture of not only our overall life, but specifically our current moment to understand exactly what is being asked of us and how to step up to the plate and exceed all expectations.

Though Astrology and Numerology may be used separately, combining them gives a more complete and balanced picture. It takes both masculine (Numerology) and feminine (Astrology) to give the most accurate and effective energy reading!


The art of reading Tarot is just that, an art or a skill that uses cards and divination to help people. People may also have a fear of seeing their true nature’s being revealed when certain “ominous” cards show up. However, Tarot is nothing to fear. You should see your Tarot reading as a way to reveal personal truths and insights you might be denying.

The art of reading Tarot is a type of cartomancy or fortune telling using cards. Although this is the basic use of tarot cards, they can be used for so much more. Going to a Tarot card reader isn’t just about having your future read. A Tarot card reader can help you answer any of your burning questions, help you see your past and present more insightfully, help you reflect on your behavior, and really anything that you can think of.

The meaning of Tarot is something that is very personal to the individual. Some people believe that it will help them predict their future, some use it when they are facing a time of crisis, and some may simply want to delve deeper into their current subconscious state. 
The Tarot is a powerful oracle for immediate answers to your questions. If you’re ready to delve deeper into the world of Tarot, book an appointment now to get a reading tailored to your specific needs! Your personal reading will shed insights into your past, present, and future.


Numerology is, based on Pythagoras' ideologies, the energetic decoding of our lives and realities. This system provides an ever-surprisingly-accurate breakdown of what our lives are about, what our strengths are in them, and how to maximize those as well as avoid operating from our shadow sides. Diving into your Core Numbers, Sub-Core Numbers, Life Cycles and more, your Numerology will provide remarkable insight into just how powerful you are and how to maximize and sustain your power, freedom, and individuality. 

Though Numerology may be used on its own, we recommend combining it with Astrology for the most accurate and balanced reading!

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