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Sit back, breathe deeply, and enjoy 96% recreational oxygen which is beneficial for altitude adjustment, headaches, hang-overs, stress relief, digestion, sleep, and stamina. We offer our go to Oxygen + Aromatherapy package, tailoring each session to what your body needs in the moment (choose from the menu below), and we offer CBD for a little extra love and care, to help calm the body, reduce inflammation, and give an overall theraputic experience. 


20m $40

30m $60

Includes: CBD Infused Oxygen, CBD gummy, extra strength dose of One Sacred Body CBD Salve


15m $18 

20m $23

30m $33

Includes oxygen and a tailored aroma to elevate your state of being. Choose from the menu below. 


BELLY BLESS - digestion - May Chang single note

WEARY TRAVELER - altitude sickness - Lemongrass and Lavender Maillette

IMMUNE ENHANCE - Colds/Flu - Jade Cypress & Balsam/Copaiba blend, Bergamot

HEADACHE ALLERGY SINUS - migraine/allergies - Frankincense, Lavender Bulgaria, lemon blend

HEART CONNECTION - heart health - Rose Otto single note

COUPLE'S BLESSING - love - Lavender Bulgaria & Rose Otto blend

GRIEF & FORGIVENESS - depression - Ylang Yang, Black Spruce & Bergamot

HEARTMOON RHYTHM - energy & elevate mood - Lime and Spearmint blend

HONORED WARRIOR - clear mind - Holy Basil single note

FUSION RELAXING MASSAGE - inflammation/arthritis /pain - Black Spruce single note

TEMPLE INFUSION - stress/anxiety - Sweet Basil, White Sage, Bergamot

NEW PATHWAY'S - addiction - English Chamomile & Holy Basil blend

DELICIOUS DETOX - cleansing - Frankincense & Lemon blend

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