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Kadimah Levanah
Master Healer

Kadimah Levanah is a master healer, channel, and medium, and a co-owner and founding visionary of the Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar. Kadimah created the Fusion Healing Menu concept to allow healing to be highly accessible to all walks of life as they are guided to come to our healing space. Kadimah approaches healing work through the multiple lenses of her larger vision of humanity and the evolution of the planet toward oneness/Source consciousness and connection. Kadimah’s spiritual and energy healing work is trauma-informed, deeply attentive, and multidimensional. She is particularly skilled in the work of clearing ancestral, generational, and past-life energetic holds that cause the misalignment of her clients’ spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies. Kadimah’s sessions leave her clients integrated in their light and physical bodies, and feeling deeply empowered, wholly nourished, and alchemized as the essence of their true and highest selves.

Kadimah became keenly aware of a need for pure access to spiritual healing and empowerment in her early 20s, when her Women’s Studies undergraduate program led her to consciousness that she had been raised in a new age cult. Newly understanding the traumas she and her family had endured, she started down a healing path at the of age 22. For the next two decades, Kadimah studied Shamanism, which led her to an understanding of spirituality as self empowerment. Her work has grown and evolved to include couples blessings, family balance, mediumship to bring death resolution, space clearings, and intuitive medical consulting.

Over the years, Kadimah became clear about the need for a safe space and strong container where people could feel for the healing they need and find the healer who could walk them carefully and compassionately to a place of personal power and deep-rooted wellness. Since the founding of the Oxygen Bar, Kadimah has passionately assembled an incredible team of healers who are diligent about doing deep integrative work, fusion healing, quickly and safely, and who are committed to leaving clients feeling whole, centered, and with a heightened access to the place of divinity within themselves.

Under the guidance of Kadimah and her beloved children, The Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar has been awarded the Star Business of the Year, Woman Owned Business of the Year by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and Best Alternative Healing by Santa Fe voters. Her work as a powerful healer and health-focused restaurateur has led her to be featured in multiple write-ups in the Santa Fe Reporter, The New Mexican, local flavor, fine lifestyles, SantaFe.org, and national publications.

Kadimah is excited to see the Oxygen Bar grow as an accessible community healing center in service to Santa Fe locals and visitors, thus creating a hub of ecotourism for travelers. She also looks forward to stepping more fully into her role as a teacher and developing a healing apprenticeship rooted in sacred mysticism, fusion healing, the modality she has created, and deep values of creating tikkun olam, humanity for the whole, making the world a beautiful and nourishing place.