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sacred day spa

sacred day spa

Ozone Steam Sauna

30 mins $105

Beneficial for cleansing the blood, destroys bacteria

and viruses, eliminates toxins, supports the immune system, sip hydrating mineral elixir during the steam sauna.


Oxygen Facial & FAR INFRARED BED Rejuvenation Treatment 60 mins $175

Balance and cleanse the face with oxygen treatment with live plant serums, followed by stem cell mask.

Facial will take place in soqi bed, and includes foot massage. Complete with a nourishing elixir & flower essence


Immune Enhance FAR INFRARED Bed & Chi Machine

30 mins $65

Beneficial for detoxification, muscle relaxation, circulation, metabolism. Raises body temperature and stimulates the immune system, promotes healthy weight, anti-aging, pain management, relieves muscle aches and soreness. Promotes lymphatic drainage, insomnia, inflammation, digestion



60 mins $40

warming river stones and oil infused with pain alleviating herbs


One Sacred Body Day Spa Packages

custom crafted for your optimal benefit ~ call for consultation

  • healing & massage

  • readings

  • ozone sauna

  • far infrared sauna & chi bed

  • oxygen facial & far infrared rejuvenation

  • lunch and/or dinner

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