One Sacred Body Flower Essences:


Headache, Allergy Sinus Relief

Flower/energy essences: Trailing blackberry, CA poppy, starry solomon seal, indian pipe, bleeding heart.

-Physical Effects: Relieving pain/tension, calming the nervous system, eliminating cold symptoms, aids in easing general inflammation

Emotional Effects: Stress Relief, strengthens the heart chakra.


Oxygen Therapy

Flower/energy essences: Almond tree, rose quartz, indian paintbrush, asterid (channeled), white rose, fairy earth breath of joy, angelica 11/11

-Physical Effects: Eases Cold-like symptoms, nerve tonic for restlessness and nervous disorders. Stimulating to the lungs, helping to ease chest congestion

-Emotional Effects: Calming, spiritual openness and protection, doorway to angelic assistance.


Sh’mama Elixir

Flower/energy essences: Glacier lily, mullein, CA poppy, angelica 11/11, chocolate lily, Mt. Hood lily, silversword

-Physical Effects: Relieves respiratory ailments, calming to the nervous system, beneficial for digestion, remedy for the lymphatic system

-Emotional Effects: Reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue. Facilitates rebirthing & reclaiming of the divine feminine. Listening to inner-guides, equilibrium, leadership. Spiritual alignment and ascension.


Sh’ma Infusion

Flower/energy essences: Barrett’s penstemon, fairy slipper, red columbine, tiger lily, trailing blackberry

-Physical Effect: Aids in treatment of sore throats, headaches, fever, and stomach aches

-Emotional Effects: Helps with fear of moving forward, release of judgment, happiness of the inner-child, inner peace


Whole Trinity

Flower/energy essences: Green bog orchid, starry solomon seal, earthwalker 1, fairy slipper, black tourmaline, oregon opal, pineapple

-Physical Effects: Used for constipation, rheumatism, as a general stomach tonic, and to regulate women's cycles.

-Emotional Effects: Nature attunement, heart harmonization, increasing intimacy, receiving Earth’s nourishment, plant kingdom communication


Belly Bliss

Flower/energy essences: Ruby, almond

-Physical Effects: Improv