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Best of Santa Fe 2016!

Best massage, best alternative healing for 2016! On February 3rd, 2014, we opened the doors to the Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar in Downtown Santa Fe. With only a few hundred dollars to our name, the family initiated our journey to build an alternative, spiritual-minded storefront in Santa Fe. Over the past three years we have served more than 25,000 people! With amazing reviews, feedback, and testimonials, the powerful appeal of what we are offering has become apparent. Throughout this journey, we have carefully built our space to be a living altar; a place where people are drawn to find sanctuary, healing, and well-being.

The Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar offers a vast array of experiences. Our customers breathe in recreational oxygen for altitude adjustment to receive rejuvenation. The Healing Spa is designed to create an interactive experience with the self. As one selects an individualized treatment from our Healing Menu, our Elixir Bar offers handcrafted Elixir-Cocktails swirled with herbal infusions instead of alcohol. Some elixirs you find on our menu include cocktails such as One Love Leche, the 02 Mojito Boost, and Kuthumi Ginger Zing, which are presented in specially rimmed martini glasses. Golden Milk and Cosmic Chai are a few of our warm Elixirs. Awaken your palette and nourish your mind, body, and spirit within a few sips.

The quintessential Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar experience is a spa experience. It begins by browsing our Healing Spa Menu, which offers a variety treatments such as "Heart Connection", "Weary Traveler", or "Belly Bless".

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